9 Rooftop Failures Proving Solar Panels Look Beautiful

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This busted roof makes solar panels look way better by comparison

Solar panels look amazing, period. But they look even more amazing when contrasted with some of the ridiculous things people decide (intentionally or unintentionally) to sport on their roofs.

Solar panels are now a big part of the American Dream, but there are a select few who purchased their homes for curb appeal, and therefore want the solar panels to be visually “low impact.”

Even the most solar-panel-laden home would not be as visually high impact as the below scenarios, which are as real as they are ridiculous. Enjoy!

9. The Indyour House 500

Car in roof

Photo credit: dirtybutton.com

We aren’t sure what’s more laughable: the fact somebody managed to drive a car into a roof or the fact that somebody put a ladder up to the incident thinking they could remove the car from the forever-damaged roof with his or her bare hands.

Note to whoever is responsible for the incident: leave the ladder up for the solar installers so you can redeem yourselves (and your horribly damaged image).  

8. Wind Turbines on the Rooftop

Photo credit: Neal Adams

Okay, we can’t really bash wind-powered things of any sort because solar is pretty akin to wind-generated power, but these look more like murder weapons for birds trying to make their nests atop the roof than machines powering devices through wind energy. That, or a teenager’s half-baked attempt at turning a house into a plane.

7. Slip ‘N’ Slide

Photo credit: TGFbro

This undoubtedly looks pretty fun, but it doesn’t exactly make for a great visual for the neighbors (and that’s not a jab at the guy sliding off the roof), but it is a jab at the egregiously blue tarp blanketing the roof of his house.  

Also, am I the only one who thinks that pool looks a bit too shallow for the height above it?

There’s no question whether the guy made it to the bottom okay; the question is whether he got out of that debacle alive.

6. Solar Shingles

solar shingles

Photo credit: thebalance.com

“But they blend into the roof,” you say. Well, they probably don’t blend very well into anybody’s budget, says me, so I win. Unless you’re Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, you’re not going to want to buy these solar shingles from Tesla because they’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

Besides, trying to hide solar panels on your roof is a bit like trying to conceal your toned biceps while at the beach–there’s just no point in refusing to flaunt what you got.

Nothing is funnier than someone who goes completely overboard trying to make their home look festive and holiday-oriented, especially when it ends up looking like something from Mr. Rogers’ Nefarious TV show backdrop.

5. Godzilla Santa

Photo credit: Dallasobserver.com

Seriously, how is anyone supposed to get on this Santa’s lap? A grown man with a ladder, let alone a poor kid, couldn’t ask the guy for Christmas presents, especially since it appears as though he’s trying to step on any passerby and appear as if he’s going to the bathroom while doing so.

4. The Christmas Tree that Broke the Roof

Photo credit: dailymail.com

Wow, that’s really clever! Except your roof looks terrible, buddy! To this guy’s credit, he didn’t settle on the cliche set of wintry characters decorating 80% of Americans’ homes come December 25th each year. If you think solar panels look bad on a roof, this will put that opinion in perspective, for sure.

3. Disgustingly Old Pizza

Photo credit: the wrap 

Every dad has been there; you just try to do the right thing by buying your kids and wife a pizza containing enough calories to kill a small horse and are baffled when it’s not the only thing they could ever want in the entire universe. Ladies, us guys can be a little slow sometimes. Forgive us.

In a frustrated frenzy, you throw the thing on top of the roof, only to forget about it later once you’ve cooled down. Think solar panels look bad? Imagine driving by your neighbors’ house and seeing a pizza on the rooftop.

2. The Stalker Roof

Photo credit: anongallery.org/pinterest

The owner of this home may be the most dignified person in the world, but it’s hard to believe given the fact the roof of his home looks like a peeping Tom.

To make matters worse, it’s more likely the guy is not the most completely dignified person ever, and probably has something wrong going on beyond those eyelids, I mean..ahem..windows. A few solar panels would make for a nice set of eyebrows on the guy, give him a bit classier of a look.

1. The Forest Rooftop

photo credit: 1funny.com

While proponents of solar panels are always happy about eco-friendlier solutions, it’s just..well, that’s what a garden and the nine million trees visible behind your home in this photo are for.

The real question is whether anybody occupies this home because it’d be far funnier if someone actually did.

There also doesn’t seem to be a shortage of greenery surrounding the area far closer to the house.

So, okay, you got us. This isn’t exactly ugly. It’s just very, very unique. Apparently, this home is located in Norway.


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