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Competitor Comparison
Blue Raven Solar comparison

Every solar company has pros and cons, which is why we want customers to have the facts when deciding which solar company is the best fit. Both companies service locations in Nevada, Utah, and Texas.

Blue Raven Solar is a great company with solid customer reviews on search engines like Google and many solar company review sites. However, what is best for many may not be best for you. Let’s see how their products and services compare to Go Solar Group’s products.

Comparing the Basics of a Solar Array

Solar arrays have three core components to compare: The solar panels, the inverter, and battery backup.

Each of these components plays a significant role in the overall performance and durability of the array. Choosing high-quality products that meet the needs of the home is crucial.

Customers who compare solar companies’ products are more likely to purchase a high-quality system, and at a competitive price.

Solar Panels Comparison

Because of the way solar panels work, thy are the engine of a solar array. They convert light from the sun into electricity so we can power our homes. The main features to look for when comparing solar panels is the wattage per solar panel and the panels’ composition (polycrystalline or monocrystalline).

Blue Raven’s Solar Panels

On Blue Raven Solar’s website, it never specifies what brand of solar panels they use. However, on the website’s “How Solar Energy Works” page, it states that they use black-on-black monocrystalline solar panels. Then, in a blog post from 2017, Blue Raven said that they use 290-watt German-engineered solar panels.

Go Solar Group’s Preferred and Premium Solar Panels

At Go Solar Group, we also use monocrystalline panels (which are superior to polycrystalline in PV efficiency). The brand name of our panels is Axitec AXIblackpremium HC 315-watt, German-engineered black-on-black monocrystalline solar panels. These solar panels have a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year production warranty. If requested or necessary, we also install high-wattage LG, Solaria, or Silfab solar panels.

Inverters Comparison

Inverters convert the direct current produced by solar panels to alternating current, making the extracted solar energy available to use within most American homes. Without an inverter, solar panels would be useless to homeowners.

Blue Raven Solar’s Preferred Inverter

Blue Raven Solar uses the Enphase inverter. This inverter is a microinverter, which means instead of having one inverter on the ground, small inverters are attached to each solar panel. These inverters help decrease the impact of shade on a solar array’s ability to produce power.

Go Solar Group’s Preferred Inverter

Go Solar Group uses SolarEdge, which is a power-optimized string inverter. Since it’s a string inverter, there is one inverter installed at the ground level, making it easier to troubleshoot potential problems. However, unlike other string inverters, power optimizers are on the back of each solar panel to help mitigate the impact of shade on the array. 

Battery Backup Comparison

While solar arrays produce power, they don’t store it. For the most part, utilities that offer net metering take care of this issue. However, when the grid goes down, only homeowners with energy storage, like battery backup, will still have electricity.

Battery Backup at Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven doesn’t currently offer battery backup. However, it does plan on adding battery backup options to its products in the future.

Go Solar Group Battery Backup Options

At Go Solar Group, we believe that every solar home needs energy storage, which is why we offer a variety of battery backup options. Go Solar Group offers emergency battery backup packages from Goal Zero that can store between 1.4 and 8 kilowatts. We also offer Tesla’s Powerwall 2 home battery, which stores up to 13.5 kWh per battery. 

Additional Features to Compare

Every homeowner considering solar should determine the quality of solar array components first. However, solar companies may also offer additional products and services that may change your decision on which company you choose.

Both Blue Raven Solar and Go Solar Group offer solar plus products and pay-it-forward programs. These features help them differentiate from the competition and sweetens the deal for their customers.

Solar Plus Products

Some solar companies offer additional energy-saving products with solar arrays. These solar-plus products pair well because they allow homeowners to save more.

Light Bulbs and the Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Blue Raven solar offers up to 36 LED light bulbs and an Ecobee 4 with each array they sell. Together these devices help homeowners save on electricity.

Go Solar Group and the Nest Thermostat

Go Solar Group offers the Nest E smart thermostat to its customers. While a great addition to any home, solar homes have the potential to benefit the most from these devices.  

Paying Solar Forward

It’s also important to consider the positive impact the solar company has on others and the communities in which it installs as a whole. Both Blue Raven Solar and Go Solar Group strive to help others through their humanitarian programs.

Blue Raven’s Paying Solar Forward Programs

Blue Raven supports the non-profit GivePower by donating $20 for every solar array they install. This money helps fund clean water projects around the world. Blue Raven Solar also has a scholarship program for current college students and graduating high school seniors.

Go Solar Group and 1heart1mind

Go Solar Group donates a portion of each install to 1heart1mind. This donation funds revolving micro-loans in Uganda. These loans help Ugandans afford solar lights, offering a sustainable source of light, and improved education outcomes. Go Solar Group was founded after its non-profit counterpart, which sets this company’s humanitarian efforts apart from those of other solar companies.

Factors That Influence the Price of Solar

Several factors influence the price of solar. However, among these factors, financing options and referral programs stand out for these two companies.

Financing Options

Financing options either make or break a deal. Many solar companies do lease and PPA options, which takes away the homeowner’s ability to reap the full benefits of solar. Both Go Solar Group and Blue Raven Solar, however, only provide cash and loan financing, which allows the customer to own the system. However, customers are welcome to pay cash for their systems with both companies.

Referral Programs

Referral programs help solar companies, but they also help the homeowner save money on their solar array. Individuals who know people interested in solar can increase their earnings from solar savings by providing companies with installable referrals.

Blue Raven Solar’s Referral Program

Blue Raven Solar pays customers $250 per person for referrals who decide to install solar with them. Because the referral needs to purchase solar, it’s important to talk to them beforehand, gauge their interest, and only give the referral after they agree to talk to the solar company.

Go Solar Group’s Referral Program

Go Solar Group offers twice as much at $500 per referral installed, whether you’re a customer or non-customer.


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