Go Solar Group vs. Sunworks

Competitor Comparison
Sunworks competitor comparison

Nevada’s solar policy makes residential solar an easy decision for homeowners. Deciding on a solar company, however, is a more complicated process.

To make determining which companies deserve interested parties’ valuable time and money, we compile competitor comparisons. These reviews give a side-by-side comparison of products and services offered, so prospective customers know which solar companies are most likely to meet their needs.

This comparison reviews Sunworks and how it compares to Go Solar Group.

Solar Company Products & Services

Services and products offered helps set solar companies apart. When customers determine what products and services they want and whether the company has them before comparing quotes, it ensures the individual’s purchase has what they value at a competitive price. Let’s take a look at what Go Solar Group and Sunworks offer.

Services That Set These Businesses Apart 

While most solar companies install the solar array, other services and features may set them apart from one another. Determining the importance of these extra features can make a tough decision easier.

Go Solar Group Humanitarianism & Referral Programs 

Go Solar Group has a couple of exceptional programs that make us stand out as a solar company and our Give Solar program is no exception. This program uses a portion of each solar installation sale to help people in Uganda afford solar power for their homes, so they no longer need toxic kerosene lamps. 

Our customer referral programs also make Go Solar Group stand out. This program not only offers $500 for each referral who purchases solar through Go Solar Group, but both customers and non-customers can receive benefits from referring their friends to us. 

Sunworks’s Customer Guarantee  

Sunworks offers its customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. They also have an all-inclusive 25-year warranty.

Residential Solar Storage

Without solar storage, solar homes become powerless. If a home has solar, it will not be able to produce power during an outage if there is not a storage solution in place. NEC updates, which occurred recently, require grid-tied solar to shut down at the modular level during a grid failure. 

Battery backup has since become one of the best ways to combat grid dependence in light of the NEC updates. However, not every solar company offers battery backup, let alone the same battery backup products

Go Solar Group’s Battery Backup Levels

Battery backup has become Go Solar Group’s forte. We carry battery backup options that meet a variety of backup needs, both built-in and portable. We provide Tesla’s top of the line home battery, and we offer battery backup options through Goal Zero for homeowners who don’t need or can’t afford a home battery, but want portable solar energy they can also use for their homes.

Battery Backup Through Sunworks

While Sunworks doesn’t have a large variety of battery backup options, they have become Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers. Like Go Solar Group, they offer this product to their customers.

Solar Panels

Due to the way solar panels work, quality and module efficiency makes a big difference for residential savings with solar.

Go Solar Group’s Preferred Solar Panels

Go Solar Group’s preferred solar panels are the 315-watt Axitec half-cell black-on-black mono-crystalline. They come with a 25-year performance guarantee of 85 percent of the nominal performance and a 15-year performance guarantee of 90 Percent of the nominal performance. Given the fact most systems last 40+years, this is a great warranty.  

However, when requested or necessary, Go Solar Group uses a selection of premium solar panels. These solar panels include high-wattage LG, Solaria or Silfab modules.  

Sunworks Solar Panels

Sunworks has a preferred partnership with LG solar. However, according to EnergySage, Sunworks also has access to SunPower, REC and Q CELLS solar panels.

SolarEdge Inverters

Inverters switch the direct current produced by solar panels into alternating current, so homeowners can use the current to power their homes. The most popular inverter types include string inverters, micro-inverters, and optimized string-inverters. 

While Sunworks has partnerships with other inverter companies, both Go Solar Group and Sunworks prefer to use SolarEdge inverters. As an optimized string-inverter, SolarEdge stands out among other inverters because it mitigates shading issues that traditional string inverters can’t overcome without a micro-inverter for each solar panel, which can become expensive and difficult to maintain.  


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