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Solar panels amazing ROI in Utah and Reno Nevada

As Utah’s premier commercial solar installation team, Go Solar is committed to professional, commercial solar panel installation for the state Utah.

Go Solar Group has been refining custom residential and commercial solar installations for the past 5 years and continues to provide secure jobs to Utah residents.

The Go Solar commercial teams can cater to small, local businesses or to large, corporate sites with high energy usage from production lines or thousands of employees.

With Go Solar Group’s full-service business model, you’ll get a streamlined process that is stress-free, the best product for your commercial energy needs, and a commercial solar array at the right price for your business.

All it takes is a quick call to establish interest and you’re on your way to the independence of producing solar energy and saving thousands of dollars.

Here are the steps involved in the commercial solar bid process for Utah businesses.

Commercial solar makes sense for almost all businesses, but makes the most sense for businesses that:

  • Own their building
  • Have steady cash flow

Your solar consultant has two objectives when speaking to you:

  • Verify an address
  • Get a copy of your power bill.

Once  they have a copy of the bill, they’ll call Rocky Mountain Power and ask for their rate schedule (remember, there are roughly 25 different rate schedules for commercial installations, so this part may take a bit of time). Cash and financing will be discussed only at the point of the consultation.

Tax Credits

  • Prospect must own the building to qualify
  • Businesses are able to write-off 100% of their solar expenses in the first year if they own their properties.
  • You can’t rent the space and qualify for the credit.
  • Businesses that tend to be able to qualify based solely on building ownership are chiropractors, dentists, orthodontists, medical businesses, law practices
  • Non-profits like schools and churches aren’t always the best options for commercial solar in Utah as they don’t have tax liability.

Technical Details of Commercial Solar

  • If you’re trying to reduce your bills, we use a HiQ inverter 5kw inverter, which is the size of a laptop and is positioned beneath the solar panels themselves.

If you fit the conditions above, a solar panel installation for your Utah business building may be worth considering. Looking at the differences and weighing the pros and cons will help you in this decision.

The basic elements of solar are universal for both residential and commercial installations.

Although the system does cost more than a residential system, it will also save you more. Getting solar for your business can provide sustainability while saving you money.

Financing Differences

There are three different financing options available for commercial installations. These include: cash or loan investment, lease to own or a power purchase agreement (PPA). The inverter that you use will likely be different as well if you are more focused on saving power.

Although these same types of options are available to homeowners, SEIA has recently released a model contract for a new kind of PPA for commercial installs. This new contract combines the best of a power purchase agreement with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE).

Benefits of Solar for Commercial Real Estate Owners

Because solar costs have been going down by 10 percent per year since 2001, for non-residential systems installations have increased in the Commercial and Industry sector. There are nine points that SEIA wants interested commercial real estate owners to understand.

Getting a Commercial Install

These include choosing the location of your installation, getting financing settled and approved, getting your building permit submitted and approved, and completing your net meter agreement.

Where To Install

Each business is a little different, and so the physical location of the install can be a tricky process. In general, most commercial installs occur either on the roof of their building, in a large cleared space on their property, or atop car ports.

Financing Options

Paying cash is cheaper and will allow you to own the system so you see your savings sooner. It also prevents you for paying more than your system is worth over time as the electrical equipment degrades (as all electrical equipment does). When you pay in cash or with a loan, you also get the 30 percent tax refund.

If, however, you are not in a position to pay for your system with cash, or though means of a loan, other programs offer a lower rate for power consumption and may decrease your power expenditures.


You will need to get a building permit before you are able to have your commercial solar system installed. Getting permits approved can take some time.

Incentives for Commercial Installs

There are incentives that are specific to commercial solar panel installations.

When it comes to tax credits, you must own your building to qualify. The upside of this is you can write-off 100% of your solar expenses in the first year if you own the property in which your Utah or Nevada business operates. You can’t rent out a space and qualify for the tax credit though, unfortunately.

  • Businesses that tend to be able to qualify based solely on building ownership are chiropractors, dentists, orthodontists, medical businesses, and law practices. However, if you operate a business outside of these industries, you still qualify for the solar incentives if you own your business.

Looking for a comprehensive commercial bid for comparison? We offer free customized bids for all Utah businesses. We can complete a quote for you today!

Going solar is easier than you think. It doesn’t take much of your time and you don’t have to work with third parties - you’ll always have a Go Solar employee by your side.

Step 1

Work with a solar consultant to finalize commercial incentives, rebates & pricing
Expectation: 1 in-person meeting to make sure our system recommendation is accurate


Step 2

Work with a solar consultant to finalize commercial incentives, rebates & pricing
Expectation: 1 in-person meeting to make sure our system recommendation is accurate


Step 3

Submit financing for your commercial solar panels
Expectation: 1 phone call with a lender, facilitated by Go Solar Group, to approve all information


Step 4

Submit solar permitting
Expectation: Nothing – we do this for you!

Step 5

Schedule installation date
Expectation: 1 phone call to check-in and make sure we have access to install the array

Step 6

Turn on solar power
Expectation: 1 phone call to explain the activation procedure

Step 7

Complete and submit tax documentation for tax credit
Expectation: Nothing – we’ll complete the tax forms, your tax preparer will file them!

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What’s included in the commercial solar assessment?

  • The recommended commercial solar panel array size
  • A mockup of solar array layout
  • The commercial solar array pricing, including installation costs
  • Commercial solar incentives & rebates for your business
  • The lifetime savings associated with the commercial solar panels
  • Warranties offered with the commercial solar panels
  • Financing options for your business
  • Employee discounts for solar products from Go Solar Group
  • Potential environmental byproduct offset
  • How your purchase benefits lives in Sub-Saharan Africa through Go Solar International

Have questions? We are always happy to help you along your path to go solar.

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