HiQ TrueString Solar Inverter: Your Business Will Never Be The Same

With the HiQ inverters, you can either get the 8 kW 3-phase 480V inverter or the 5.75 kW 3-phase 208V inverter. Both of these are string inverters designed to increase reliability and production.


A Design That Will Meet All Your Non Residential Solar Needs

Every situation is different, but with a HiQ Inverter you don’t need to worry. This inverter can go on rooftops, carports, difficult spaces. And it continues to function well in hostile environments.

With The HiQ Inverter, You Can Decrease Your Solar Array Costs With:

  • More stacking options – adjust the number and lengths of module strings per inverter.

  • Using shorter DC wiring – The less wiring needed the more efficient your system will be.

  • Bypassing the need for a transformer – decrease the number of panels per inverter. Allowing you to use inverters that match your voltage needs.

Solar Inverter for Businesses: the HiQ Inverter
Commercial Solar HiQ Inverter

Why We Use HiQ Inverters For Our Commercial Solar Customers

Up to 98 Percent Efficiency

Reliable 3-phase inverter technology for constant power

Rugged Design meant to outlast the tough wear and tear of the outdoors

Monitors Other Elements Of the array to increase your entire array’s efficiency.

Warrantied for 10 years with an optional extended warranty of 25 years

See Custom Savings

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