The Best Solar Company in Utah: A Title We Can Defend

Best Solar Company In Utah
Thewhy Go Solar Group is the best solar company in Utah

What makes us the best solar company in Utah? We know you probably didn’t ask, but we’re here to explain why anyway.

Getting solar through us means a superior Utah solar experience, one with the best products. We are not the cheapest solar installer in the Beehive State, but we are top-notch, and we are the best choice for people wanting the supreme solar experience.

See for yourself how we match up. Compare Go Solar Group’s quote or see how much you can save on solar with our solar savings calculator, then see what other providers have to offer. Although the calculator provides a conservative estimate, bear in mind that this factors the highest quality residential panels into the equation, which will ultimately save you more money than their poly-crystalline counterparts. 

Our Solar Reviews and Customer Experiences Speak for Themselves

Customer reviews make your process as a prospect easier. Getting a product that has high-quality customer reviews means far more to most than what the company has to say about themselves.

Also, we’re authoritative enough to have an entire periodic table of elements on the product we sell. That’s really something else! How many companies do you know with a periodic table of elements about the things they sell? We don’t know of any. 

Solar Installation Reviews

Getting a good installation is key to having a good experience with your solar company. Go Solar Group is known as a full-service company that does a superb installation. We also don’t leave our customers out to dry after the install. We are experts in installation and post-installation services when/if needed. We take pride not just in our supercharged customer testimonials, but also our customers themselves. We think they’re awesome! 

If reviews aren’t a good enough reason to give us a second glance, then you should check out our customer testimonials.These are people that were so pleased with our work that they took time out of their busy schedules to review our services in a positive light.

Our German Engineering Partnership

German engineering is world-renowned, period. But it’s even more renowned in the solar industry. Bar none, we do not cut corners at the corner of quality and customer experience. Our partnership with German solar producers is proof of our company emphasis on quality.

Just hear what Wayne Sumner has to say about our German-engineered solar panels. His opinion matters not just because he’s our customer, but because he has an engineering background.

More on Why German Engineering is Superior

Although China once took the world by storm in the production of poly-crystalline solar panels, Germany and its solar panels have become the world leader in the energy revolution. Germany’s initial push for clean energy has motivated many countries to follow their example, making Germany the world’s magnum opus in all things solar power. 

Because of the infrastructure in place, Germany requires a higher standard, and so it is more likely that their products are going to withstand the test of time. Go Solar Group uses 60-cell 315-watt Axitec panels, which are German-engineered, and of the highest quality available. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint and Improving the Environment

When you go solar, no matter which solar array you decide to install, you are helping decrease your carbon footprint. However, when you buy a system that has exceptional efficiency ratings and is manufactured by a company that is conscious of their production waste, your system’s impact will be more immediate and enduring.

We are Utah’s Undisputed Leader in Solar Battery Backup Options

Although you can do one without the other, it just doesn’t make as much sense to have either a solar-powered roof without solar backup or solar backup without a solar-powered roof. These two things have a symbiotic relationship in today’s green energy climate.

When Go Solar Group first opened its doors in 2009, we were surprised to find that none of the solar companies offered battery backup to their customers. This motivated us to push to make sure that battery backup was not only an option but that there were options within the solar backup product category as well.

Our Solar Referral Program Gives Our Customers the Most Potential Savings

If you like a product, you will tell people about it. We want you to know that we appreciate your confidence in us by rewarding you for the business you have provided. And if you tell your friends you love us and they end up installing rooftop solar with our company, you’re eligible for beaucoup bucks. 

Sun Share Referral Club: For Utah’s Solar Elite

For individuals that have purchased a residential solar system and want to spread the word to their interested friends and family, we have a program that’s perfect for you. Every referral that you have given us that results in a successful install puts more cash in your pocket.

The first successful install equals $1,000 in your pocket. Each subsequent installed referral is $500. The best part? There’s no limit to the number of referrals from which you can earn.  

Sun Split Solar Referral Club

If you think solar is the superlative choice, but it isn’t the right time for you, you can still refer your friends and family. We have a referral program for you in our Sun Split solar referral program. This program pays you $500 for each referral that results in a successful install.

Dedicated to the Reach of Solar, Not Solar Sales

Getting solar is not only a good financial decision, but it’s also a profoundly positive one for the environment. The best part about getting solar panels through Go Solar Group is that you are able to pay solar forward.

Our company began as a nonprofit and then entered the private sector to increase its altruistic reach. We continue to serve you because it, in turn, allows us to expand our vision of helping the less fortunate improve their standard of living. 

Our Give Solar Africa Program

What really started our company and continues to motivate us to sell solar is the impact it can have on others. With every home that we install in America, we provide a micro loan that provides solar products for individuals and families in Africa. To date, we’ve provided Ugandan children with an additional 3 million hours of study time via our Sun King products, making our efforts in Uganda about education as well as green energy.

One Heart One Mind is a remarkable stepping stone meant to help people have the tools to become self-sufficient in their society. Go Solar Group cares about providing an exceptional customer service experience and has a personal interest in the quality of life solar can provide to others.


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