Advantages of Utah Solar Power in 2018

Benefits In Utah For A Home Solar System
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Benefits in Utah for a Home Solar System

When people talk about solar there are some main topics that everyone knows about. These include saving money, federal tax credits, state incentives, and helping the environment.

These are all great ways in which solar can be a benefit to you. There are, however, less frequently mentioned benefits to solar, which we’ll cover in this post.


Becoming a Trendsetter: People Who Go Solar Lead the Pack


It makes the process less daunting when you aren’t the first one. Trendsetters are brave individuals with foresight. You may already know someone that has solar and think that you aren’t setting a trend.

This, however, isn’t true, you may be the only person that your friend or neighbor knows who is getting solar. Your relationship with them will make it easier for them to switch to a better source of energy.

Trendsetters are the ones who do things not because everyone is doing it, but because they want to do it. They see the benefits before the general public has caught on to them.

Being energy-efficient is a way of life. Getting solar is your start to a better lifestyle.


You’ll Boost Your Local Economy with Solar Panels in the State of Utah


Solar has made some dramatic improvements over the years which has catapulted solar. 2017 was the first year that renewable energy has come close to catching up with coal-powered energy. This change is due to the growth of photovoltaics.

The price of installing systems has decreased and government organizations are supporting incentives. These two factors have pushed solar installation to new heights.

Below is a video containing a  snapshot of where renewable energy is and where it is headed.

The United States is seeing this increase in solar installations as well. The Solar Foundation reported a 25 percent growth of solar-related jobs in the united states between 2015 and 2016.

More than twice as many Americans work for the solar industry than the entire coal industry. These jobs require a wide range of skill sets and experience.   

When you decide to go solar you are supporting employment in your area. Most American solar companies are supporting a growing number of jobs in America. So when you but solar you are helping your economy and environment with your solar investment.

Protect Yourself From Energy Rate Changes With Your Solar Array


Power has become a very expensive necessity. As a result, many have become more energy conscious.

People go out of their way to make sure that they don’t leave lights on and switch to energy efficient appliances. Unfortunately, though their electric bills can still be as high as $300 or more per month.

Now you may say that you are fine with the rate that you currently pay. The problem is that there is no guarantee that this rate will stagnate. In fact, history has shown that energy rates have and will continue to rise over time.

Power company rates increase by a fraction of a cent per Kilowatt-hour (kWh) at certain times in the year. A fraction of a cent doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up fast.

Another issue is that your rate may differ depending on when and how much you used. Solar can be a solution to your rate increase problem.

When you purchase solar you lock yourself into a monthly rate over a period of 15 years or less. This rate is close to what you were paying for your power bill.

This means more savings for you because your solar power rate doesn’t go up. Most solar customers start to see savings within the first couple of years.


Security Promoted Through Going Solar: Financial and Personal


Amortization of a Loan vs. Endless Payments

Smart people pay off their home and car why not at add prepaying for your energy to the list. When you buy a solar array the payments that you make toward your energy have a light at the end of the tunnel. This is because unlike your electric company there is a day when you will no longer have to pay for your power.

Solar panels come with 25 plus year warranties. There are some companies, like Go Solar Group, that can get you set up with a 12 to 15-year loan. This means you have ten plus years of no energy payments.

Often when people think of loans they associate it to debt and try to stay clear. However, when you think about it, paying your power company is a lifelong debt. At least this one ends before you die.

Getting solar is a decision to invest in your future. When your loan gets paid off you no longer have payments. This especially makes sense for individuals who are thinking of retiring in the next 10 to 20 years.

Many people live on a fixed income after they retire. One less expense when you have less cash coming in makes a world of a difference. And getting solar allows retires to make their dollar last a little longer.

Solar Arrays With Battery Backup

Another thing that gives people security is a solar backup for their homes. Go Solar Group has many different backup options.

Because it is a safety hazard solar power gets turned off when the grid goes down. The power that is coming from your backup, however, isn’t connected to the grid.

This means you can utilize your backup power when the grid isn’t functioning. Getting a backup option will provide you with security and assurance that you will be ok.

Help Others Go Solar by Giving Solar: Paying it Forward

When you buy solar through Go Solar Group, you also are able to help others get solar. This Give SolarProgram provides micro-loans to people in Uganda.

When you purchase a solar array Go Solar Group uses part of that sale to fund a self-sustaining microloan. These loans help fund solar products for elementary schools, orphanages, and families.

By purchasing your system you are also helping others in Africa. You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or, with our Give Solar program, you can help him learn how to fish.

No matter your original reason behind getting solar the benefits are immense. Harnessing the power of the sun is the path to a better future.


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